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Keep Your Engine Running Smoothly – AMSOIL Motor Oil

Why AMSOIL is the Winner

Your engine is expensive.  And it takes a beating, even if you drive gently.  Whether it’s your daily commuter car or a toy for power sports, engines suffer cold starts and operate in temperature and pressure extremes.  Wherever there’s friction, there’s wear and tear.  And wherever there’s high temperatures and pressures, lubrication tends to break down over time.  Between the two, you must find the fine balance between performance and maintenance.  AMSOIL Motor Oil allows you to manage it flawlessly.

AMSOIL Oil ChangeEvery engine has it’s operating limits within a performance envelope.  Your commuter car, for example, is designed for routine drives at relatively even speeds.  On occasion, you may need a burst of power in response to a situation.  But typically your family mobile’s engine doesn’t see extreme conditions.  On the other hand, racing vehicle engines are designed for constantly fluctuating RPM, wide excursions through frequent shifting, and extreme temperatures/pressures for the duration of a race.  Each type of vehicle calls for a different oil formulation.

Preventive maintenance is no accident.  You need to know your engine and take care of it.

Not All Oil is Created Equal – AMSOIL Motor Oil Makes a Difference

AMSOIL Oil ChangeCommuter car oil is designed for daily driving in routine conditions.  Racing Oil is designed for more frequent changes.  Accordingly, your light auto/truck oil can be changed at intervals prescribed in your owner’s manual.  Often times, manufacturers recommend 3,000-7,000 mile change intervals.  AMSOIL motor oil’s drain intervals are up to 12,000 for the XL formulation or 25,000 miles for the Signature Series.

Racing oil, however, should be changed more often.  Change your racing oil after each race.  Don’t worry about changing the oil too often.  Racing conditions are extreme.  Your oil needs the extra protection.

Racing oil is designed to endure more extreme conditions for shorter times, but breaks down faster than oil used in your family car.  Therefore, choose the right AMSOIL motor oil for the right application.  Regardless of the type of engine you run, synthetic oil is a better choice than conventional oil.  Synthetic oil has a uniform molecular structure and lower viscosity to keep metal parts as friction-free as possible.  Additionally, due to smaller molecule size, synthetic oil provides better seals and compression with valves and pistons.  As a result, synthetic oil provides better protection, more power, improved gas mileage, and longer times between oil changes.

Important Details to Remember

AMSOIL Oil ChangeAvoid engine sludge.  Also, change the filter with each oil change.  Ensure your oil is an amber color with no metal fragments or particulate.  Consider the work your engine does and keep a reliable maintenance schedule.  Basically, keep up with your vehicle’s preventive maintenance.

Keep the oil clean.  Use an app like MyAMSOILGarage to track and schedule maintenance.  And live a worry-free vehicle life.  Oil changes are the cheapest insurance you can buy for your engine.  Basically, they don’t cost much.  And likewise, they extend the life of your engine.   Use AMSOIL’s guides to pick the right formulation.  Moreover, save 25% by purchasing wholesale from saves you on shipping, too.  We’ll drop-ship your oil right to your doorstep.  We provide convenient and timely service.  You save money and benefit from our expertise.  Give us a call and we’ll be your personal oil concierge.

Protect the Most Expensive Parts of Your Vehicle

AMSOIL is the first in synthetics.  And the cost savings using AMSOIL spans beyond the longer oil change intervals.  You’re protecting your engine, reducing wear and tear.  Consequently, you save money avoiding expensive repair bills if you take proper care of your engine.  AMSOIL motor oil brings peace-of-mind to the table.  Likewise, change your oil at prescribed intervals to ensure your engine runs smoothly for the life of your car.

To buy AMSOIL in Cambridge, MN, can serve your needs in-person or via online ordering.  Give us a call and we’ll get your questions answered.  We’re here for you!